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Why Smoke with Glass?

Looking for a new glass piece at an affordable price? Look no further! Here at Cheap Glass Pipes n’ Bongs, we take pride in bringing you the best pipes in affordability and quality. Sit back, toke up, and let us show you what we’re smoking with! Hint: it’s glass.

Glass pipes and bongs allow smokers to take their time with smoking herbs. Smoking a glass pipe or bong doesn’t require you to light up an entire gram like you might feel inclined to with a fat joint or blunt. Also, certain glass pieces filter the smoke by running it through water. Additionally, using tools like hemp wick to light your pipe is safer¬†and can help limit the butane a smoker might intake when using a butane lighter.

Plus, packing a bowl is just plain easier than rolling up. In addition to the ease and efficiency, glass pipes are easy to maintain for a high standard of stoner cleanliness. Cleaning a glass pipe or bong is can be done with relative ease using the right pipe and bong cleaning products. A clean piece is a happy piece, after all.

And a clean piece is a beautiful piece, another reason to embrace cheap glass pipes and bongs. They accentuate any room! Besides all of these great reasons to smoke glass, we ask: what’s better than passing around a pipe of fire herb with friends, hm? Nothing.

Types of Glass Pipes

Buying the right glass pipe means considering several factors. The look and color are important factors but really are secondary. The first factor is figuring out the style of pipe you want, each with it’s own benefits. Some are smaller and great for discreet smoking while others blur the lines between pipe and bong with water reservoirs to cool your hit. Here are the major types of glass pipes you’ll find when shopping for cheap glass pipes:

  • Classic Spoon Pipe
  • Sherlock Pipe
  • Chillum Pipe
  • Steamroller Pipe
  • Bubbler Pipe

For more information on each of the types of pipes and their distinguishing factors, check out our breakdown of the different glass pipe types.

Types of Glass Bongs

Take your game up to the next level with a new bong. Bongs are more serious/heavy-duty than your typical glass pipe and make smoking more enjoyable and more pure through water filtration systems. Pipes can be more straightforward while glass bong systems can comparatively become pretty complex. However, each follows the same basic principle of pulling smoke from a lit bowl, through at least one chamber of water for cooling and filtration before being inhaled down the bong tube by the user. Consider these styles when shopping for a new glass bong:

  • Carburetor Bong
  • Beaker-Shaped Bong
  • Straight-Tube Bong
  • Round-Base Bong
  • Multi-Chamber Bong
  • Percolator Bong

View a detailed breakdown on the different bong types here.

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