10 Photos of Unlikely People Really, REALLY Loving Weed

If you are here reading this, then we have something in common. We love weed! That sticky, icky, green crystalled, no stems no seeds, Mary J.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at 10 pictures with unlikely people really, really enjoying their weed. Let’s face it, weed breaks down barriers. Let’s see it in action.

10 Pictures of People REALLY Enjoying Their Weed


We’re all about fat, fat, FAT blunts but these fine ladies take it to a whole other level. Somebody introduce these ladies to Snoop Dogg.

Ladies Love Their Weed
via Pinterest


It turns out Jesus has been here for quite some time, he’s just been too busy getting stoned.

Guy Loves His Weed
via The Cheat Sheet


Never touch grandma’s weed. Seriously, don’t.

Grandma Loves Weed
via Pinterest


The key to longevity is getting super blazed. So, nice work!

Senior Lady Loves Her Pot
via Senior Stoner


Yeah sure, Bilbo. “Old Toby”.

Bilbo and Gandalf Blazing Herbs
via The Daily Mail


Yeah, we know buddy. You love pot. 🙂 <3

Old Gent Enjoying a Joint
via To Hell – and back


Long joints and wallet chains, these guys get it.

Goth Pot Smokers Get It
via Post Independent


‘Sup, mom. Sick bong.

Marijuana Moms and Nice Bongs
via Daily Mail


Stephen Payne. Unlikely hero of marijuana.

Stephen Payne is a Weed Legend
via VICE


Okay, so there’s no weed in the picture but let’s be real with how this actually happened.

Old Couple After Smoking Weed
via YouTube
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