5 Perfect Stoner Novelty Gifts Under $50

Blue Q Joint Pocket Box

Get ready for a stoner birthday, holiday or any day with a perfect stoner novelty gift. Getting high with friends is all good and fun until someone busts out a hilarious gift or stoner item and then everything is just hilarious!

Stoners tend to be altruistic by nature. Why not add a little fun to that altruism? These 5 stoner products make perfect novelty gifts for the stoner in your life!

5 Best Novelty Gifts for Stoners


Blue Q Weed Money Tin

“I’m Savin’ Up For Some Good Weed!” Tin by Blue Q: This tin is everything. Seriously. It will teach your friend financial responsibility, which, let’s face it, they could use help with. It also features a classic image of a Leave it to Beaver like character, tossing a good ol’ football, looking innocent, but secretly saving up for some dank weed. Blue Q makes amazing products and this tops our list. But we will be exploring one other Blue Q product later… Price: $9.42


Adult Weed Onesie

Route 420 Adult Onesie with Hood: There’s no denying the comfort of a good onesie. We all wore them as kids, it never made sense why we don’t wear them more as adults. Rock this bold weed onesie as a statement to a new movie or as a more comfortable piece to your favorite music festival. We won’t judge! Price: $48


High Times Hipster Panties

High Times Blue Hipster Panties: Ladies, this is a look any man (or woman) will love on you. Featuring some marijuana paraphernalia and a nice, subtle shade of blueish green, these hipster panties are just fabulous. They are 95% cotton, machine washable, and removable by mouth. Price: $12.25


Blue Q Joint Pocket Box

Pocket Box by Blue Q: Blue Q is at it again with another amazing novelty gift for stoners. This pocket box by Blue Q is… subtle? Maybe not the right choice in word as it features “WEED” written boldly on the front. This little pocket box is perfect for storing pre-rolled joints on the go. Seriously. We have one of these bad boys absolutely stuff right now. Price: $15.17


Men's Pot Leaf Weed Hoodie

Pot Leaf Black Hoodie: Simple, yes. Bold, of course. Marijuana is becoming more user and society friendly. So this hoodie is not as bold as it once was but it still says quite a lot. Plus, it’s hella comfortable and well, that’s the whole reason we were hoodies to begin with isn’t it? Price: $34.99

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