15 Unwritten Rules of the Group Smoke

Friends getting high!

Rules aren’t necessarily a stoners best friend. But let’s face it, rules are there to help society function properly. As stoners, there are a few unwritten rules we are all expected to pick up on as we advance…

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10 Photos of Unlikely People Really, REALLY Loving Weed

If you are here reading this, then we have something in common. We love weed! That sticky, icky, green crystalled, no stems no seeds, Mary J. In this blog, we’ll take a look at 10 pictures with unlikely…

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5 Perfect Stoner Novelty Gifts Under $50

Blue Q Joint Pocket Box

Get ready for a stoner birthday, holiday or any day with a perfect stoner novelty gift. Getting high with friends is all good and fun until someone busts out a hilarious gift or stoner item and then everything…

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Proof that Star Wars + Weed = Perfection

Princess Leia and Chewbacca Stoners

For many stoners, Star Wars is the ultimate childhood throwback. Granted, it is certainly being bastardized by Disney. Kids growing up today will never truly know the significance of the originals. But alas! Here we are. Here is…

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5 Reasons Why Weed is the Ultimate Uniter

Huge Marijuana Vape Hit

Marijuana is a magical plant that has long been misunderstood by society. But that is all rapidly changing! Here are Cheap Glass Pipes n’ Bongs, we are proud proponents of the unifying aspects of weed. Weed smokers know…

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