Cane Bud Boy Acrylic Bong w/ Glass Percolator

Cool your marijuana smoke with this high quality glass spiral percolator bong.

The bong itself is actually made of acrylic and is available in both the black pictured and a great blue color.

A glass spiral percolator cools your smoke through diffusion. The splashguard will protect your mouth from inhaling nasty bong water when you take a hit!

This bong uses a carb hole and comes with a detachable bowl.

It stands 43cm / 17 inches in height. We highly recommend using ice with this high quality bong!

Pipe Details:

  • 43cm / 17 inches tall
  • Recommended use with ice
  • Comes with glass percolator
  • Available in black or blue
  • Durable and lightweight acrylic tube and base


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