Green WS Tornado Glass Weed Pipe

Here is a pipe that will blow your mind as you blow down trees!

The Tornado pipe from WS Glass is 19cm / 7.5 inches long and packs a smooth, portable punch.

The small holes on the inside of this glass pipe swirl the smoke around in a spiral (like a tornado), making it look even cooler when actually in use. Not only does it look cooler, but the swirling action cools the hit and makes it smoother for the end user.

This is a two-piece glass pipe that is easy to disassemble for cleaning and enjoyment.

Available in different colors via Grasscity.

Pipe Details:

  • 19cm / 7.5 inches
  • Made by WS Glass
  • Available in various colors
  • Tornado, vortex smoke action
  • Portable

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