Mountain Jam Glass Company Striped Spoon Pipe

Fumed glass changes colors throughout its use. So it’s super fun to watch fumed glass pipes like this change colors the more we smoke!

Mountain Jam Glass Company makes this lightly striped glass spoon pipe. They use gold during the blowing process to create the pinkish hues you see in the picture.

The carb is on the lefthand side of the deep bowl.

This pipe is relatively compact. It’s only 9.5cm / 3.75 inches long, but packs plenty of punch.

Each pipe you order from Mountain Jam Glass Company may differ slightly from what is pictured, due to each being handmade.

Pipe Details:

  • Mountain Jam Glass Company
  • 9.5cm / 3.75 inches long
  • Fumed, color-changing glass
  • 100% American made and shipped


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