Red Eyeball Glass Chillum Pipe

Don’t get too creeped out, this isn’t a dismembered alien finger/eyeball amalgamation. It’s just a glass chillum from Mountain Jam Glass Company.

Chillums are definitely one of our favorites types of smoking pipes here at CheapGPNB. This one is no exception.

Made and shipped from the good ol’ United States, this borosilicate glass chillum pipe features a creepy red eye and a tan, skin-like finish.

It is 10.2cm / 4 inches long and is indeed available in a variety of other colors from Grasscity and Mountain Jam Glass Company.

There’s no carb hole on this bad boy.

Pipe Details:

  • 10.2cm / 4 inches long
  • Tan with red eye
  • Other colors/styles available
  • 100% American made


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