What are the types of smoking pipes?

If you’re getting into smoking for the first time, you may be wondering: what are the different types of smoking pipes? That’s a great question! Let’s get into the details.

Common Glass Pipe Designs


Blue Cheap Glass Spoon Pipe

Classic Spoon Pipe: Everyone is familiar with the classic spoon glass pipe. It features a round bowl and usually a carburetor on one of the sides. Glass spoon pipes come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and are the most common type of marijuana smoking pipes.
Tip: Metal screens can help protect your smoke from ash inhalation or “scoobs”.


Colored Glass Bubbler Pipe

Bubbler Pipe: The bubbler is an upgraded smoking device somewhere between the spoon pipe and a bong. Bubblers have a larger reservoir meant for water, in addition to a spoon pipe-style bowl. As the smoker inhales the marijuana, smoke runs through the water, making bubbles (hence the name) while simultaneously purifying the smoke. Think of the bubbler as a simplified bong-on-the-go.


Colored Glass Sherlock Pipe

Sherlock Pipe: Classiest of all the types of smoking pipes is the Sherlock pipe, aptly named after Sherlock Holmes. It features a long stem and a deep bowl, encouraging deep thought and novel ideas. In all seriousness, a good Sherlock pipe has it’s place as a decorative and serious piece, to be treated with extreme care.


Blue Glass Chillum Pipe

Chillum Pipe: Chillum pipes are cylindrical “one-hitter” pipes. They may look like cigarettes or have a little more width to them, depending on the manufacturer. Chillums may or may not have a carb, but usually, they do not.


Orange and Blue Glass Steamroller pipe

Steamroller Pipe: The steamroller glass pipe is the last in the line of the cylindrical glass pipe family. These are the big boys, generally with a bowl at the top and a carb on the side or end. The stem on this type of smoking pipe is also much larger on steamroller pipes, allowing the smoker to really pull a large, Middle-Earth sized hit.

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