15 Unwritten Rules of the Group Smoke

Friends getting high!

Rules aren’t necessarily a stoners best friend. But let’s face it, rules are there to help society function properly. As stoners, there are a few unwritten rules we are all expected to pick up on as we advance through life. Here are 15 unwritten rules that we are putting into writing.

Now, there’s no reason to not respect this sacred code. 😉

15 Rules for Smoking Weed with Friends

  1. Bring something! Preferably weed, a joint, a pipe or something marijuana related. If you can’t get your hands on that though, show your value by bringing some chips or drinks for everyone to enjoy!
  2. Story time after you smoke. Don’t hold the joint and tell a story. Pass that shit yo!
  3. Let the pro roll it up. If you’re a novice smoker blowing down tree with some crusty old veterans, leave the rolling to them. It’s a good chance to pick up on technique!
  4. Clean your piece. Don’t bring that nasty glass around here. Clean it or buy a new glass pipe.
  5. Guests shouldn’t bring guests. If you’ve been invited for a smoke sesh, don’t bring another third party to said smoke sesh. Respect the sanctity of the space, man. If it must be done, a heads up is always appreciated.
  6. Be engaged. Getting stoned and spaced out is all well and good. But if you’re smoking with friends, new or old, stay present and engaged. Nobody wants that spaced out guy taking up space on their couch and not providing anything. Well, unless that’s the vibe of the smoke sesh! 🙂
  7. No coughs, colds or flus. Do we really need to say it? If you’re sick, keep your lips off the group piece!
  8. Be lighter aware. We’ve all been guilty of pocketing someone else’s lighter. This can be avoided with a little awareness! Carry your own lighter and stay vigilant, friends.
  9. Note the rotation. It’s important to maintain a consistent rotation when smoking weed with friends. Note the initial rotation and stick to it. You don’t see the earth deciding to switch directions every so often, do you?
  10. Try not to slobber. We’ve all been passed a soaked blunt or joint and thought “well, what the heck?” It’s gross but completely avoidable. Just be aware of how wet your grill is before you put it against what everyone is smoking.
  11. Puff, puff, pass. It’s important to not hog the joint, blunt or pipe. Puff, puff, pass is generally a respected rule. Follow this simple rule for group smoking and you’ll find people love having you around for the smoke sesh!
  12. Be chill. This rule explains itself.
  13. Know where you’re ashing. Nothing is worse than a friend ashing in another friends drink. Locate the ashtray and use it!
  14. Always edibles. Let’s face it, edibles are strong as HELL. That’s why they are great with friends. If you have one, bring it and break off some for your crew!
  15. Have fun! Smoking weed is all about just having fun. Take a look at these people REALLY enjoying weed for some examples of how to proceed.

Crazy group smoke.

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