5 Reasons Why Weed is the Ultimate Uniter

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Marijuana is a magical plant that has long been misunderstood by society. But that is all rapidly changing!

Here are Cheap Glass Pipes n’ Bongs, we are proud proponents of the unifying aspects of weed. Weed smokers know what we are talking about. Marijuana has an innate ability to break down barriers and bring common ground to parties who agree to share.

Here are 5 highly evident reasons why weed is ultimate uniter and great at bringing people together.

5 Examples of How Weed Unifies

  1. Weed is not political… anymore. Yes, the political landscape is truly changing. People from both sides of the traditional party lines now smoke marijuana and many are now willing to vocalize support for it. This is a major step forward for marijuana and proves how weed unifies. It does not care about your politics, only that you understand it and give it a chance.
  2. Weed is not racist. Let’s face it, racism is a serious issue in our culture and one that MUST be addressed for our society to ever move forward through all of this current adversity. Weed is a tool for that. It does not care if you are white, black, yellow or purple. People of all races and colors smoke weed and can bond with each other while enjoying. Just bust our your glass weed pipe and see how people around you react!
  3. Weed does not belong to a “class”. I don’t care how rich you are or how poor you are. There is not one class in our culture that can claim marijuana as “theirs”. It is true that marijuana costs money and good marijuana costs more. But it is becoming more accessible to everyone and everyone is receptive to it in return. Mary Jane is not concerned with your base salary.
  4. Weed does not respect borders. Perhaps much to the chagrin of law enforcement, marijuana does not care nor does it respect your country’s borders. This is altogether a relieving idea. It is accessible across the planet, for the most part, naturally grown in regions of the world that many have not even stepped. It does not care where your country begins and another ends… until it’s found in your bag by border patrol but that’s another story.
  5. Weed does not kill. Most importantly of all, marijuana does not kill. Anyone of any religion, class or race can partake in marijuana and rest assured they will come out the other side. They may have a deep conversation with an unlikely person or have uncontrollable laughter, but all is well in weed town.

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